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qxy dumplings in chinatown

Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings • 2002 S Wentworth Ave #103, Chicago, IL 60616 • rsvp recommended • byob 

Minimalist, BYOB nook with an open kitchen preparing artisanal Chinese dumplings with many fillings.

Are you on the hunt for the best dumplings in Chicago? Your search is over. Go to QXY Dumplings in Chinatown. You’re welcome.

Last Saturday on a chilly but beautiful fall day, my byob group & I headed to Chinatown for some of the most delicious dumplings we’ve ever tasted. This is turning into an annual thing. Last time we were here was in February. We should probably make it quarterly, they are that good. They are fresh & made to order by a group of amazing ladies that you can thank in the back of the restaurant. Just look for the big kitchen window that lets you see where the magic happens.

The dumplings come in orders of 12 or 18 so they are great to share. Or not ;). I like to eat with people who share that way you get to taste more deliciousness. The dumplings preparation options are boiled, steamed or fried. Ask your server, they recommend the best way for each of the different fillings. Our servers have not been wrong yet! They also come frozen so after you fall in love with these you can bring some home. Of course we had a couple bottles of champagne but I had hot tea. I wasn’t feeling that great and I’m kind of a lightweight day drinker.

We ordered the beef & onion (boiled), lamb & coriander (steamed) and chicken & mushroom (fried). I suggested we try more vegetables this time so we got a couple of appetizers which were the cucumber salad & spicy kimchi. This is a great combo since the cucumbers cooled down the heat of the kimchi. We also got zucchini & mushroom dumplings. All very tasty. For round #2, we ordered more beef & onion, a pork & cabbage and another lamb & coriander, which may possibly be our favorite. At this point I can’t remember how they were prepared but take my word for it, ask your server. Everything we got was fresh & flavorful. Be careful when eating the dumplings they are very hot so I suggest poking a hole in them and letting them cool down a little.

Chinatown is a great place to explore and the perfect place to walk off a big lunch. It’s becoming a tradition that after lunch we go to the Chinese grocery store, buy some dishes and then some rolled ice cream.

It’s pretty easy to get to Chinatown by public transportation. Take the redline to the Chinatown stop. The station lets you off right there. Check out the library (love the architecture). On our last trip here in February they were having Chinese New Year celebrations everywhere. You can head south to the old part or head north to the newer section. My friends drove this time but when we were talking about coming back I suggested we take the water taxi. If it’s in season you should try it. It’s my favorite way to get here and just a short walk from where the water taxi lets you off.

Enjoy & have fun!

Did you enjoy my post on QXY Dumplings in Chinatown? Did you end up going there? If so, leave me a comment & let me know what you thought. Do you know of any other unbelievable dumpling places that we should know about? If so, please share!


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