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Hello! Thank you for checking out my blog. I am a native Chicagoan still living in the city. I am an explorer and a city girl at heart. Always have been. My role as a tour guide leading walking tours covering the amazing history, art & architecture for the last ten years as a part-time independent contractor, has inspired my blog.

I share the random & not-so-random adventures I’ve had in this big, beautiful city I call home. Covering (mostly) uniquely Chicago things to do, from the Blues to bridges, I hope to enlighten visitors and locals alike of interesting things to do. From must-see landmarks to historic, hidden neighborhood gems that many locals don’t know about. I am exploring, discovering & sharing hole-in-the-wall restaurants that are typically BYOB. Btw Did you know Chicago has over 6,000 BYOBs? I know, right?! Crazy but so awesome.

We have an incredible variety of museums to choose from that will satisfy many travelers’ tastes. Chicago also has many diverse neighborhoods to explore. I’ve covered a few and will continue to do so. If you love your neighborhood, leave me a comment, you can give me a tour, and I’d be happy to feature you. It always helps to get insight from a local.

Are you looking for must-do things when visiting Chicago? Check out my guides for recommendations for all seasons. Though summer has better weather, it is more crowded, so don’t pass up coming here other times of the year. Well, maybe not during a pandemic, but hope is on the way!

People ask me all the time how/why did I become a tour guide? Growing up on the city’s southwest side, I fondly remember coming downtown to Buckingham Fountain & Ohio St Beach/Olive Park after ice cream on Sundays as a child piled in the station wagon with my siblings. Both places have spectacular backdrops of the city. Or maybe it was heading north on Lake Shore Drive (fondly referred to LSD), peeking through my fingers that covered my eyes while rounding the dangerous S-curve? It was frightening & exhilarating at the same time. I like to think that these experiences were an early inspiration for me to become a city girl.

After college, I moved to the north side. I was thrilled to be closer to the lakefront and all the cultural activities available without having a car. Luckily this is possible since Chicago has good public transportation. Also, definite environmental & financial perks of being carless.

Professionally, I am a recovering graphic designer. As a creative person, I am naturally drawn to art & architecture so prevalent in the city. While I was an Art Director, I took classes to become a docent for the Chicago Architecture Center (CAC). In exchange for the education, you volunteer to give walking tours. It was a great distraction from a stressful job AND helped me get over my fear of speaking in front of crowds.

After about five years as a docent, I realized my interest in tourism and became a part-time independent contractor tour guide. I work for many different tour companies and cover a variety of routes. One of the best things about being a tour guide is meeting & connecting with amazing people worldwide!

Are you wondering what kind of routes I offer? Go to toursbycitygirl.com or click the TOURS BY CITY GIRL tab in the upper navigation of my blog. Check back often since I will keep adding different routes. Perhaps a food tour? Stay tuned.

As a proud, lifelong Chicagoan, I enjoy showing off the city’s world-renowned art, architecture & fascinating history. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. If so, please leave me a comment & subscribe to get updates.

Looking forward to our next adventure!

Be well & stay safe, my friends.


  • Kristie

    I’m always amazed at Mimi knowledge!

  • mimi

    lol – thanks Kristie!

  • Andrea Dion

    Fun read! Great to explore and learn whether lucky enough for in person or current virtual situation.

  • mimi

    Thanks for your support Andrea!

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