Island life - my adventure & volunteer trip to Tahiti – day 8, Teahupoo
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my adventure & volunteer trip to Tahiti – day 8, Teahupoo

This post is the eighth in a series of 10 (one for each day) of my adventure & volunteer trip to Tahiti where I’m reliving this amazing adventure and sharing it with you. Ever since travel has come to a grinding halt (like everything else), I’m very grateful to have had this experience and look forward to future adventures.

cave exploration

Today we head out for another adventure on the water. This time we looking for a hidden waterfall within a cave. I didn’t take any photos since my camera is not waterproof but trust me, it was challenging, unbelievably beautiful & exhilarating! Note to self – get a GoPro for the next adventure.

A little later, some of us got out to swim in a cave and to learn how to climb the cave rock walls. I was happy to just observe. It looked like it was raining in the cave because of the crashing waves.

After our excursion, we had a delicious lunch, chilled out & relaxed. We had a celebratory dinner to look forward to later this evening.

dinner, dessert & dancing

We were treated to an incredible dinner & dessert made by the locals. Then Arii surprised us with a traditional dance! We had a great time with new friends who were here to scuba dive and surf, celebrating our last night in Teahupoo. We had quite the international group; Brazil, France, the U.K., the U.S.A., and Tahiti! Tomorrow we head back to Papeete.

Arii surprised us with a traditional Tahitian dance!

I hope you enjoyed day 8 of my adventure & volunteer trip to Tahiti. Another wonderful day in paradise. I can’t believe it’s coming to an end soon.

Here’s day 7 if you missed the last post and here’s day 1 if you want to catch up from the beginning. Click here for more Bamboo adventures.

I can’t believe I’m still saying this. Until the next adventure, be well & stay safe my friends.

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  • Christine

    Thaiti and Moorea were amazing and Arii was A+ Bamboo Guide. I visited September 2019

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