We toured a fishing village on our last day at Playa San Miguel - my volunteer & adventure trip to Costa Rica, day 6
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my volunteer & adventure trip to Costa Rica, day 6, Playa San Miguel

This is the sixth in a series of posts, one for each day, of an incredible 2-week volunteer & adventure trip to Costa Rica I took in December 2022. I wasn’t sure this trip would happen, but luckily it did.

visiting a fishing village

Today we went to explore a local fishing village. It was so interesting to tour the area, see how another culture lives and get a glimpse inside their daily lives and community.

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After a delicious lunch, it was time to head back to CASA CREMA.

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our last beach sunset

Our time here in Playa San Miguel is winding down. This was our last spectacular beach sunset since we were heading to the mountains tomorrow. Once again, it did not disappoint.

our last spectacular beach sunset

adios Playa San Miguel & CASA CREMA

Since this was the end of their project, Pablo, Ann & the other volunteers were packing up and getting ready to leave the station house. The cooks made dinner at our house & we had a little farewell party thanking them for their incredible hospitality. After dinner, we had lots of fun dancing & drinking. We tried the local libation called Chiliguaro, made with Cicaque Guaro, the local Costa Rican liquor made from sugar cane. It tasted like a bloody mary with an extra kick! Fun times!

Our last night in Playa San Miguel was spent dancing & drinking!

Monteverde, here we come

Tomorrow the adventure continues as we head to the mountains of Monteverde. We will miss Playa San Miguel but will take with us the beautiful memories of the people we met & experiences we had. Godspeed little turtles!

Muchas gracias to Pablo, Ann & the rest of the CASA CREMA & the Turtle Trax crew!

Thanks again to my travel mates for letting me use their photos & videos to supplement mine.

I hope you enjoyed my volunteer & adventure trip to Costa Rica, day 6, Playa San Miguel. If you missed day 5, click here to catch up from the beginning, day 1, click here.

Pura Vida ❤️

Until the next adventure, my friend!

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