Last day of my volunteer & adventures trip to Costa Rica
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my volunteer & adventure trip to Costa Rica, final day, Manuel Antonio

This is the thirteenth & final in a series of posts, one for each day, of an incredible 2-week volunteer & adventure trip to Costa Rica I took in December 2022. I wasn’t sure this trip would happen, but luckily it did.

This post covers the last day of my volunteer & adventure trip to Costa Rica. I was leaving the next day at the crack of dawn, and I was getting texts about some crazy cyclone storm due to hit the Midwest. Flying to Miami from San Jose, so not a bad place to be stranded. Fingers crossed!

We left beautiful Manuel Antonio and headed back to San Jose but first, our Costa Rican adventure finale, a catamaran excursion! It was a glorious, warm, sunny day, perfect to be on a boat.

We arrived at the dock after getting packed up and a short drive. Lots of big, beautiful yachts. After finding our catamaran and climbing aboard, we were served some refreshing island punch. We enjoyed the cruise to where we would anchor to partake in some snorkeling and swimming, trying out the slide, mingling with the other guests, and soaking in our last full day of fun. Hard to believe this amazing adventure is coming to an end.

After a delicious lunch and a great afternoon, it was time to head back. We showered, changed, and loaded into the van for the last time. It took us quite a long time to get to San Jose.

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It was really late when we arrived at Casa Alma. We packed all our things trying not to forget anything, finished writing postcards, and got ready for bed. Luckily there were others in the group that were leaving early as well.

Again, I can not thank Jana, Ozzie, Kim & Alex of Alma Travel Group enough for the incredible experience. I highly recommend traveling with them AND traveling solo. Usually, I do travel with friends, but the pandemic made such a mess of things.

I am extremely thankful that I made the choice to embark on a solo journey. Traveling alone has taught me a great deal about myself, and I’ve discovered that other solo travelers share my environmental and animal conservation values.

I will be ever grateful to my travel mates for letting me use their photos & videos to supplement mine and for all the laughs & great memories. It really was an amazing group.

I hope you enjoyed my volunteer & adventure trip to Costa Rica, day 13, Manuel Antonio. If you missed days 11 & 12, click here. To catch up from the beginning, day 1, click here.

Pura Vida ❤️

Until the next adventure, my friend!

Hmm, where to go next? I have a few ideas. India? Perhaps, Peru? It’s going to be hard to decide where next to explore in this big, beautiful world.

So the trip home really wasn’t that bad, considering the weather in the Midwest can be treacherous in December. My flight made it to Miami okay, and no delay getting to Chicago, but I was coming home to temps in the teens. I think it was 12 degrees, but since I jumped in a cab and packed some warm (cashmere!) layers, I was fine.

One of my travel mates had her flight to Michigan cancel and her luggage beat her home, but all in all, not too bad. She had family in Chicago to stay with.

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